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Basic is a lifestyle brand with a focus on health and wellness, located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Because our mission is to Encourage and Inspire people to live Healthy and Active Lives, we offer a variety of services ranging from individual endurance training, to pre-season team fitness coaching, to nutrition coaching/guidance.

Through our work with young athletes, we noticed there was a significant need for the development of athletic foundations in youth sports.  Through several case studies we conducted for proof of concept as well as months of customer discovery, we began the work to develop a team training and athlete management digital platform. To learn more about that platform and its milestones, checkout auxsisports.com


Two friends with a lot of grand adventures, an endless amount of laughter and a shared passion for healthy and happy living. This is the foundation of our company, which is our passion project based on our mutual belief that healthy living is happy living. We always look for the good in others, never stop believing in the power of positivity and think a little hard work goes a long way. 

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Our nutrition coaching practice is based off of bio-individuality. This is the idea that each of us has unique food and lifestyle needs; therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to achieve a healthy lifestyle. 

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We offer customized fitness training for all ages and objectives.  This ranges from motivating people to start living healthy and active lives to hyper focused training for an athlete’s specific needs.

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Our website provides a wide variety of healthy recipes, that are guaranteed to leave you feeling healthy + happy! Check out our Basic Eats instagram page as well @the_basic_eats



Jennifer is a creative thinker, writer, educator, runner,  triathlete, outdoor enthusiast, lover of life, teller of stories and mom to two awesome young dudes. Jennifer is a 4x Ironman, and has competed in numerous marathons and half marathons. In addition, she has and spent numerous years owning and producing endurance races that included LSU’s Tiger 10K + The Louisiana Marathon. She is also  an adjunct professor of communications at LSU.


Nely is a Louisiana based health and fitness enthusiast with a passion for eating clean food, running, fitness, and everything in between. She is a community involved athlete, caffeine lover, high-spirited, energetic and fun-loving. Nely is a 3x Ironman, and has competed in numerous marathon and half marathons. She has a degree in Nutrition and is certified in integrative nutrition planning. 

"They were the perfect marathon training coach for me! Personalized the training specific to my needs, and gave me the confidence that I could succeed. I was so prepared on race day and had the best race!"
Endurance Athlete
"Not only am I lucky enough to call Nely and Jennifer my friends, but also my coach. I've been training with (them) for 2 years now and have coached me through numerous races. To the finish line of my first full Ironman and also helped me achieve PR's in both the half ironman distance and half marathon distance. (They) personalize my training to fit my needs and always keeps me motivated to reach my goals."
Endurance Athlete
"After two days of fitness camp, my kids asked to go back for another week! Coaches Jennifer + Nely are passionate about fitness and nutrition and amazing with kids! "
Youth Athlete Parent