As soon as the sun sets on Halloween night, its full steam ahead into holiday season. For most this means Christmas. Stores already have Christmas items on display in mid-October, with the music to match the first day of November. Inboxes and mailboxes are full of holiday sales and specials, all efforts to get us into the spirit of giving… and yet in the mist of all this “holiday” cheer, we often forget about the other giving holiday… the one where we GIVE Thanks. 

I’ve always felt bad for Thanksgiving, as it seems to be the least respected holiday of them all. 

Most people focus on eating turkey, watching football, and shopping for Christmas. But what about the giving part… the Thanking part.  

A few years ago I noticed my dear friend, Kirstin Menson, doing a daily gratitude post in social media the entire month of November. I loved it so much I started doing the same thing and tagging mine #AttitudeofGratitude. This has been a gamechanger in my appreciation of Thanksgiving in that I have to daily focus on 1 thing that I’m grateful for each day. It’s also a great reminder of how blessed most of us are. It sound 100% like a cliché but its’ also true. We don’t just have to be grateful for the big things in life, a little gratitude for the small things goes a long way. And this is where the Attitude come in… if we approach our lives with an attitude of gratitude, then it’s much easier to be both appreciative and grateful for our life and all the good things in it. And often times our gratitude can turn into generosity, where we begin to give of our time, energy, attention, etc. to others. 

This ThanksGiving season, I’m grateful for so many things, especially my friend Kristin Menson who turned me on to daily giving of thanks during November and made this a special month for myself and my family.