Basic Coaches


Left to Right: Jennifer Macha- Hebert, Nely Ward, Stephanie Fontenot at Rocketchix Triathlon 2021


Basic Fitness is a triathlon, running, strength and general fitness coaching service that provides personal coaching, comprehensive training plans  to athletes from Novice to Advanced, our coaches are excited to work with you.  We consists of from coach to walking, 5k first-timers, endurance event age-groupers, and amateur elites. Whether you are looking to take on your 8th Ironman, or are looking for the motivation and accountability to get moving, our coaches are here to help you. We all believe that a healthy life is a happy life and our mission is to encourage + inspire, healthy + active lives. We believe in fueling your body with real food (#RealFoodAthletes), making healthy lifestyle goals that are sustainable and attainable, and want to help you reach your athletic potential. 

NELY WARD: Co-Founder

Nely is a Louisiana based health and fitness enthusiast with a passion for eating clean food, running, fitness, and everything in between. A community involved athlete, caffeine lover, high-spirited, energetic and fun-loving. Nely is a 3x Ironman, 10x Marathoner, and has competed in numerous half ironman and half marathon races. She has also coached at the Middle School and High School Level for Cross Country and Track & Field for many years. She received her undergraduate degree in Nutrition and then went on to graduate from The School of Integrative Nutrition.


Jennifer is a creative thinker, writer, educator, runner,  triathlete, outdoor enthusiast, lover of life, teller of stories and mom to two awesome young dudes. Jennifer is a 4x Ironman, multiple time Half Ironman, has competed in numerous marathons and half marathons, and spent numerous years producing endurance races that included LSU’s Tiger 10K + The Louisiana Marathon. She is also  an adjunct professor of communications at LSU. Jennifer received her Undergraduate from LSU and then went on to receive a Masters of Arts from The University of Texas.

Coach Stephanie in Basic shirt


Stephanie is a runner turned triathlete who loves to write, read, and travel when she’s not training for whatever athletic adventure she’s currently signed up for. She grew up playing soccer and running cross-country and continued her passion of keeping active well after high school and college. Stephanie is an Ironman and has completed numerous half ironman races, marathons, and half marathons. She is a clinical research coordinator at Ochsner and is excited to help people reach their fitness goals for living a healthy, happy life. Stephanie graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University with a Master of Arts in Psychology and an undergrad degree in Psychology with a Minor in English.