Basic Fitness Fall Running Program

Encouraging + Inspiring Healthy + Active Lives

Healthy Kids are Happy Kids. Research shows that kids need to be active every day to promote their healthy growth and development. Kids who establish healthy lifestyle patterns at a young age are more likely to carry them and their benefits forward for the rest of their lives. Running is an excellent way to keep kids active, healthy and engaged. For this reason, we’ve established the BASIC Fitness Running Program to work with them on fundamental fitness, running, and overall confidence. The virtual program was created for families who feel more comfortable with their children staying home, but would still like them to receive the benefit of outdoor activity.


 The Virtual Running Progam will include 3 workouts a week, 2 workouts will be running focused and the 3rd workout will be a core/strength workout. Workouts will be managed through an app that will post weekly workouts for the runners as well as videos as well as weekly instructional and motivational videos. 

This is a purpose driven program aimed at helping young athletes gain fitness, speed, strength, agility and confidence. It is our hope that athletes will leave the program faster, stronger, with a little more pep in their step, and some basic health and fitness knowledge to help them excel at life. The program will be hosted by Jennifer Macha-Hebert and Nely Ward, former coaches and athletes with years of experience in the areas of fitness and nutrition. 

5th-8th Grade Co-Ed Running Program

Program Dates: September 28th- November 18th

Location: Virtual

Fee:  $150 per month or $300 1 time fee- This option will include emails with our weekly workouts so kids can do them at home as well as weekly video instructions. 


The Running Program includes 2x per week practices with the coaches.and will focus on the the running skills kids need to be successful at Cross Country and road racing as well as the following. 

Work smarter not harder. Athletes will learn key skills to improve their performance. Training youth athletes to be better at sports requires a system that is appropriate for their level of growth and development. If you try to train a youth athlete like an adult or pro athlete, they will miss out on the concepts of training that they need when they are growing. We will go through warm ups, dynamic stretching, and youth speed drills each day of camp that will improve their overall speed and agility.  We will also include fun speed & agility games to keep the kids engaged and having fun, while learning the importance of cardiovascular movement.

Kids will gain knowledge in:

  • Linear acceleration
  • Maximum velocity
  • Lateral Movement
  • Multi-directional movement and agility

While training kids to be the best athletes that they can be we will also help them on the road to becoming the best people they can be as well. We will have each kid write down their long term and short-term goals for sport and life, and help them with mental tactics to get them there. In sport, you learn a lot of life lessons, and we are prepared to give some wise words on some of the following topics to get kids mentally ready for game day, and for life.

  • Importance of being a good sport
    • Knowing the importance of competing against teammates and themselves in practice to make each other better
  • Importance of imagery & visualization
  • Realize that you’ll always be able to find someone to tell you the easier road is acceptable, but that doesn’t make it right.
  • Importance of responding the right way to adversity
    • Injuries, losses, etc are inevitable in a sports career
    • Responding to setbacks will determine growth and success
  • ATTITUDE: keep a consistent & hard-working attitude.
  • Confidence comes naturally for some, but most athletes develop their confidence from habit. We will provide some confidence building tips & tricks.

While we know that physical activity is important for every day, circuit training is perfect for kids and teens who need encouragement to create exercise habits in their daily lives.

Participants will learn how to improve hand-eye coordination, balance, movement, cardiovascular- respiratory endurance, flexibility & agility. As a result of overall body conditioning and increasing their physical fitness levels.

Kids will benefit from the following with our circuit training and keeping up with these skills learned outside of camp:

  • Increase in personal self-esteem
  • Increased overall body-tone
  • Increased concentration & energy levels
  • Overcoming childhood obesity
  • Decreased stress & anxiety
  • Develop better sleep patters
  • More interest in learning about and improving healthy habits
  • Drinking more water

Providing knowledge and skills that they need to be the best athlete that they can be, and focus is on giving young athletes knowledge on proper nutrition and the critical role it plays on keeping us active and healthy.  The goal is to help guide them through smart choices in making healthy decisions daily, not just during an active sports season.

  • Identifying Nutrition Problems
    • Not Eating Breakfast
    • Not Eating often Enough
    • Too Much Processed food
    • Over-reliance on Sports Drinks
    • Not Enough Vegetables
    • Not Enough Supportive Meals
    • Energy Drinks


  • What Young Athletes Should Eat
    • Energy
      • Complex (starchy Carbs)
      • Sugar
      • Fibrous Vegetables
    • Food for Recovery & Strength

Yoga helps create awareness of the body through movement and deep breathing. It gives kids a way to express themselves and build connections between what they hear and what they do. Children that have healthy body awareness are more confident and strong, have better posture, and breathe better.

Yoga teaches kids from a young age methods of self-help such as proper breathing, meditation, and healthy movement. There are no winners or score keepers, just an opportunity for kids to develop body awareness and self- confidence in a fun and open environment.

Benefits of Kids Yoga include:

  • Healthy activity for their spine, joints, and muscles
  • Manage stress through breathing, awareness, and meditation movement
  • Healthy development of posture and balance
  • Increase confidence and self-image
  • Learn how to listen to their bodies


All athletes will receive a Basic Fitness Racing Singlet as part of the Fall Running Program.



Coach Nely is a Louisiana based health and fitness enthusiast with a passion for eating clean food, running, fitness, and everything in between. A community involved athlete, caffeine lover, high-spirited, energetic and fun-loving. She grew up as a swimmer, soccer player, competitive cheerleader and cross country runner. She has continued her love of sports by coaching Cross Country and assisting the teams to State Championships and Runner Up wins. She also personal trains adult athletes to their endurance athletic potential and teaches circuit training strength workouts. Coach Nely is a 3x Ironman, has competed in numerous marathon and half marathon. Nely is a certified Nutritionist.


Coach Jennifer is a creative thinker, writer, educator, runner,  triathlete, outdoor enthusiast, lover of life, teller of stories and mom to two awesome young dudes. She grew up playing sports, dancing and cheering. She has continued her love of sports by coaching her kids’ soccer team and working with their teammates on pre-season endurance training. In addition, Coach Jennifer is a 4x Ironman, has competed in numerous marathons and half marathons, and co-owns an endurance event production company whose races include LSU’s Tiger 10K + The Louisiana Marathon. She is a former adjunct professor of communications at LSU and currently teaches beginner yoga classes in her neighborhood.  

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